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This week we welcome James Mannarino to our staff! He will serve as the parish manager and be responsible for the administration of the parish and of our mission. 

Mural“The Way We Were”~A Collective Conversation with Longtime Parishioners, THIS Saturday, 01November, 2-4pm in the parish center. Please come and share your memories about our parish! These memories could be about almost anything–from parish council to events to committees or even how the parish reacted to national news. Refreshments available. All are welcome! For questions: Jean Ryberg, 301-668-1228 or jryberg36@comcast.net or Mary Ellen Mitchell,301-524-5040 or mem21@comcast.net


Come Out and Hang Out 26Oct14 (13 cropped)Come Out and Hang Out! Father Frazier thanks everyone who joined in the fun of our first two community gatherings! There will be more opportunities to get to know your fellow parishioners and Father in a more personal way in 2015.  Read all about our first two gatherings and see pictures here.



Gift cardsGift card order form now interactive for Excel users! Type in your order, print out the form, and bring it to the parish! Next orders this weekend (01-02Nov) and every weekend until Christmas. Your purchase supports the mortgage fund.



 living-a-life-worthy-of-the-calling-650x487Answering the Call to be Disciples of Christ

If you have an interest in helping or serving our parish in a ministry or want to be more involved with your fellow parishioners, please visit a Discipleship Ministry member at Holy Grounds. We’re here to help guide you to a Ministry that would best fit your interests / preferences. Please click here for a list of Ministries seeking assistance.

The Church which “goes forth ” is a community of missionary disciples who take the first step, who are involved and supportive, who bear fruit and rejoice. Pope Francis (11/24/13, no 24)

Aram Basmadjin (2)Save the date! Our next organ concert is Sunday, 16Nov14.



Our Mission ~ Our Gifts ~ Our Parish
Give freely Matthew 10-8Answering the Call to Be Disciples of Christ

Please contact the office if you would like to fill out a Stewardship commitment form and commit yourself to “rendering to God what is God’s” – remember that this offering is the thanksgiving for what God has blessed us with through the year. Thank you for your important support of our beloved parish. Your faithfulness, your prayers, your service, and the gifts you share that make it possible for our parish to bring Christ to the lives of others.

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