2006 Campaign Kick-Off Celebration – Pastor’s Remarks

Remarks from Capital Campaign Kick-Off Celebration
March 18, 2006
Rev. Lawrence K. Frazier, Pastor

Thank you all for being present tonight at this special celebration, which marks a defining moment in the history of the St. Joseph community. It is a moment when we look back over our rich history of faith. It is a time when we remember Charles Carroll and his contribution to religious freedom and tolerance for the nation and in the community of Buckeystown, as he donated the two acres on which the church now stands. It is a time to remember the legacy of Father Maleve and Father Gaffney and the 1820 and 1870 Churches. It is a time to remember the gifts of William J. Grove and his contribution, which made the church where we still celebrate the Mass today a monument to our proud heritage of faith.

While celebrating our history, we recognize that we live in a county and a time quite different today. While the times are different, we are asked to reaffirm that same faith and to help fashion a new vision for our growing family. In our time, we see this faith vision as a new church for our parish community. After opening this new Parish Center nearly 10 years ago, our Building Committee was determined to continue to plan for our future. They were following the Master Plan for our property and were enthusiastic in taking the next steps to planning for a new church.

Today we stand in a building surrounded by the dreams of those who have gone before us. Today we stand here with the continuing dreams and hopes of that same committee. Having purchased 11 acres from Alcoa Aluminum, we are on the threshold of beginning in earnest our efforts to raise the capital needed to begin our new church.

Tonight on this Feast of St. Joseph, we mark the beginning of a new step in our journey of faith, and we join people like Charles Carroll, William J. Grove, Virginia Thomas, Jerome and Mildred Crew, Bob Lapointe, and Father Iaia in laying the foundation for another church building and continuing the great heritage of faith for successive generations of Catholic people who will come to our parish seeking faith and peace.

This great undertaking will take great sacrifice and effort on the part of all of us. We do not do this alone; it will be the work and love of all our parish members and many friends of St. Joseph’s that will enable us to complete our task. With all who have gone before us in faith, we say “Yes!” to the challenge ahead of us. We will be “Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future Together,” and with Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and the prayers of St. Joseph the Worker, we will build a new church and a new home for our parish family.

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