2021 Unity Campaign

The St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. John’s Regional Conference in Frederick is participating in the Unity Campaign again this year. We are one of 30 nonprofits collaborating with United Way and sponsors to raise funds that improve the lives of our Frederick County neighbors in need. Of course, this year the COVID-19 emergency impacted everyone, but those already in financial need were hit hardest. Many had jobs where they could not work from home; they were just told to “Go Home”, and they didn’t have continuing pay once they were no longer working the hours. When the school children began at-home instruction, that further restricted the parents’ ability to work. That doesn’t even take into consideration the people who actually suffered through the viral illness and how that impacted their work.

Many parishioners regularly donate to St. Vincent de Paul. They know Vincentians are all volunteers, administrative expenses are negligible, and donations are utilized entirely to help alleviate financial emergencies like evictions, utility terminations, back rent, security deposits, medical prescription needs, etc. However, donating through the Unity Campaign is an opportunity to increase the impact of your contribution because of an incentive match, which this year may be as much as .25 cents per dollar! A $20 donation will really be $25; a $100 donation will add up to $125; $500 will come to $625!

Some parishioners have received “stimulus checks” that we really did not need. Donating some or all of these funds to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul during the Unity Campaign would be a very charitable and effective way to use that money.

Please consider a donation now through the Unity Campaign running through March 21. You can go directly to our Donor Page here UWFC (mobilecause.com) and easily make a contribution via credit card or text. Or if you prefer writing a check, download the Unity Campaign Donation Form.

Thank You! God Bless You! Give our office a call at 301-662-4676 if you’d like information about becoming a Vincentian. We’d be happy to share our ministry with you.

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