An Evening of Science and Religion


We all recognize Albert Einstein in the picture above, but who is that other guy?

Why, that is Fr. Georges Lemaître, a Belgian priest who developed a famous scientific theory known as the Big Bang theory. You see, for centuries before Einstein and Lemaître, had this “photo op” science and religion have been in serious dialogue.

Thanks to the McGrath Institute at the University of Notre Dame, we will have an evening of Science and Religion via Zoom. Heather Foucault-Camm, the Program Director (Science and Religion Initiative) will present to our parish. We would like all adults and high school-age young people to attend. One of the number one reasons young people give for discontinuing Catholicism is that science and religion stand in opposition. They do not, and Heather Foucault-Camm will lead us to a greater understanding of this.

The session will be Zoomed on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. A zoom link will be sent out a week before this date. You can register by going to our website or registering at

We hope to see you there for this most important, intergenerational presentation.

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