Bishop Letter

letter from bishop

If you haven’t heard Bishop Rozanski who has confirmed St. Joseph’s teens for many years has been recently appointed to the diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts (read more about it here.) He has in the past asked our Confirmation Candidates to write him a letter. This year with the transition happening we are unsure at this time who will confirm our Confirmation Candidates. However, we still feel that the writing a letter is a wonderful way to reflect on this past year of preparation for the Sacrament. So this year we ask each Candidate to write the letter but we will call it a reflection letter.

Reflection Letter Requirements:
– Please type your essay in Times New Roman font with 12 point size

– Check for spelling and grammar mistakes

– Letter must be at least 1 Page

Please include the following in your page:
– Why you decided to be confirmed

– Tell of your Confirmation journey

– Reflection on your preparation
Group meetings/classes
Service projects

– Your sponsor

– Your Confirmation Name/Saint

– Reflection on your own expectations in taking this major step in your faith life

– A verse or passage from the Bible that you find meaningful and inspiring in your life

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