Answered Prayer–A Story

One of our young families recently faced a crisis when their three‑year-old son suffered a series of major seizures. He was hospitalized in Frederick and then at Johns Hopkins. During this anxious time his mother reached out to the St. Joseph community for prayers. We are happy to report that the child is now home and doing well, and wanted to share their story – it is a beautiful description of the power of prayer and of the importance of this community at St.Joseph.

Dear Deacon Greg,

I am writing, not to go into all the details of this past week, but to share how all the prayers and outpouring of love sustained us all during the very hard days that went by…I have always known that the power of prayer is real and true. During the time at FMH and then being transported to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and our time there, the tremendous amount of prayers sustained us all and gave us Christ’s “peace which surpasses all understanding.”

Sometimes, people pray and don’t know the outcome, so I wanted to let you know that there is no known cause as to why our son had those massive seizures…What has come to fruition though, is a new appreciation of the many blessings that I have…

I have felt the power of prayer and the grace that has been poured down upon us. I am not minimizing the pain, difficulty, and horribleness of watching your three‑year old seize and all that he had to endure; however, I am saying that somehow, despite that difficulty, there was a peace of knowing/feeling somehow God’s hand was on us all and I could feel He was guiding us and giving (and continues to give) us strength through the storm.

I thank you for the prayers, good thoughts, and keeping us in mind as you did.  Thank you for asking so many others to pray as well.

Lastly, after we had asked the neurologist more than an hour of questions, the last question we asked was about having a dog – and he said, “everybody should have a dog, and your son should go home and be a boy.”

Indeed – oh happy day! Our little boy is eager to catch frogs and we are bringing home our puppy “Gracie” next week.”

Anytime you would like to request the prayers of your parish family and our clergy, please call the office at 310.810.0123×3022, or email us at


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