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Forming Intentional DisciplesAt the recent Unwrapping Our Gifts gathering, more than 200 members of St. Joseph’s worked together to identify the most worthwhile ministries for our parish to offer. One of the top areas was small faith sharing groups to be held in homes in your neighborhoods.

We are pleased to offer small faith sharing groups starting immediately! This program will run for the six weeks of Lent, and we will provide materials to guide participants through the weekly meetings. We will study Forming Intentional Disciples, by Shirley Weddle. Everyone participating will receive a copy of the book and the accompanying workbook, at no cost to you.

Don’t be fooled by the name. The goal of this book is to help each of us grow into disciples of Jesus who know him and follow Him ever more closely.

Each small group meeting will center around three components:

  1. Gathering for fellowship. This can be done over a meal, coffee or just an informal gathering…whatever each group decides it wants to do.
  2. Prayer. Each group should decide who will lead prayer at the beginning and end of the meeting, or if it will rotate between members of the group.
  3. Discussion of questions from the work book. Individuals should read the chapter and try to answer the questions on their own before the group.

While we encourage participants to read the entire book, the studies will focus on only six chapters of the book, one for each week of Lent. Father Frazier will announce the chapters shortly. Each group will meet once a week and it is up to the groups to decide upon mutually beneficial times.

We pray that this experience will be an enriching and positive opportunity for our parish and for each member of the small groups.

If you are interested in this enriching spiritual experience, please fill out this form Lenten Small Group Sign Up Sheet 2015 to help us identify which groups are forming near your homes so we can help you connect to a group. If you already have a group or have people you know who wish to form a group, that is fine too.

Please return your form to us by this Monday, February 16th. You can simply open the form, click “Fill in” on the upper left side, fill it in, save it and email it back to us. You may send the email to any of us below.  Or you can print it out, fill it out and scan/email, fax, or bring it to the office. If you need assistance filling a form out, call one of us and we will be glad to fill it out for you.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jeanne Geisinger: or 301-810-0123 X3018

Therese Ivanisin: or 301-810-0123 X3012

James Mannarino: or 301-810-0123 X3036

 May God bless our spiritual journey during this Lenten season.

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