Child and Youth Protection Policy

All adult volunteers at St. Joseph’s need to register on our management compliance website and read the Archdiocesan Code of Conduct and Statement of Policy.

Note: Due to COVID-19, many of the volunteer activities have been suspended. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

In addition, adult volunteers who have substantial contact with children, need to complete training, have a background screen performed, and provide 3 references. The training and background check must be repeated every 5 years. The reference form used can be found outside the parish office and will be available on our website in the near future.

Ministers considered to have substantial contact with children include all adults in the following ministries: Altar Servers, Greeters, Mass Coordinators, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Faith Formation, VBS, Choir, Holy Grounds and Outreach. Due to the nature of the ministry, Money Counters are included in this category.

If you are an adult serving in a ministry at St. Joseph’s, please ensure that you have completed all of the requirements that pertain to you by logging in to If you do not have an account, please create a new one and select the appropriate category, volunteer with or without substantial contact. If you already have an account and are having difficulties logging in, please contact Liz in the parish office at

All youth volunteers ages 14-18 must complete a Volunteer Application and read the Statement of Policy and Code of Conduct. Forms and policies can be found outside the parish office.

In addition, all youth volunteers who have substantial contact with children, need to take “Worthy of the Call” training and provide 3 references. The training is held here at the parish and is age-appropriate for our youth. Reference forms can be found at the link below and outside the parish office.

All employees and clergy are required to complete all of the requirements for volunteers with substantial contact as well as have fingerprints checked and complete a yearly refresher training course.

All volunteers are required to fill out a Volunteer Reference Form. Please submit the volunteer reference form by email or by dropping off the form at the Parish Office.

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