Confirmation 2014

1619341_616701071713060_1033269129_n Please make sure you are registered for the Sacrament of Confirmation & Life Teen (If you are attending a Catholic school you are not required to attend Life Teen but are welcome to come. We would love to have you! ) Please then contact Ashley Arominski (Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministries) to set up a time to go over the program and requirements with you and your child.

Confirmation Calendar 2014
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Please turn in the following items on the following dates

Worthy of the Call Training – All WOTC paperwork must be turned prior to the first service hour form being turned in. Please e-mail Ashley if you haven’t watched the training DVD yet

Sponsor Contact Information Form – Due January 19th, 2014 (1st Confirmation Session)

Saint Name Report Form – Due April 6th, 2014 (4th Confirmation Session)
Need Help Choosing a Saint?

Service Hours Form All 30hrs are Due by Confirmation DAY Retreat (September 20th, 2014) But turn in service hour forms throughout the year at any given time so that Ashley knows where you stand with hours. So she can help you get hours you may still need. Check out our Youth Ministry Service Page to find ways to serve our parish & community

Pilgrimages – Pick one of the pilgrimages to go to. If your teen can not go to any of them please get in touch with Ashley about alternative ideas that you and your family can go on a pilgrimage together.

Bishop Letter Due by August 24th, 2014 (Last Confirmation Class)

Confirmation Retreat Page

Confirmation Mass – Click here to find information on the Rehearsal, Mass, & Dress Code


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