Discipleship involves sincerely trying to live one’s life according to the instructions provided by Jesus in the New Testament. We do this  by:

  1. Loving God above all else (Prayer & Worship);
  2. Loving our neighbor as our self (Outreach);
  3. Generously giving our time, talent, and treasure for God’s work (Stewardship); and
  4. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others (Evangelization).

Discipleship Committee

The Discipleship Committee is comprised of individuals who are passionate about helping others become better Disciples of Christ. The primary focus is to encourage parishioners to share their time and talent by participating in ministries that allow them to deepen their faith journey.

The Discipleship Committee endeavors to strengthen all ministries by developing shared resources and programs to recruit, develop, retain, and recognize parishioners for ministry activity. Our goal is to help all parishioners recognize their individual talents and how to best match them to our ministries, so that each ministry will achieve its mission and so that each parishioner will spiritually grow through ministry participation.

The Discipleship Committee meets for 90 minutes on the first Saturday of each month and also for occasional scheduled events throughout the year. Some of the recent activities of the Discipleship Committee include:

  • Developing and maintaining the Guide to Parish Ministries which describes what each parish ministry does and how to get involved;
  • Conducting a special ministry recognition event to commission and thank all parishioners who are active in ministries;
  • Conducting a time and talent campaign to solicit participation in parish ministries; and
  • Preparing weekly articles for the Sunday bulletin that focus on discipleship in scripture and in our daily lives.

Would you like to join the Discipleship Committee or learn more about what we do? Contact the Parish Office at  office@sjcmmd.org

Would you like us to help you find another ministry that is right for you?

  • Guide to Parish Ministries – Learn about all the ministries available at St. Joseph’s-on-Carrolton Manor, as well as the process for joining ministries.
  • Ministry Overview Grid – Not sure where to start?  Check out this overview of ministries and choose one that fits your talents, interests, availability, and life.