Catholics Participating in the Electoral Process

Dear Friends in Christ,

We give thanks today for this wonderful country and the great sacrifices that our forebears made. They carried with them the values and dignity of life and the importance of freedom as given by God to all. Our great benefactor, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, believed in these enduring principles and sacrificed everything on the premise that this new land could one day celebrate these valued gifts.

Many of these values and principles are being questioned today. Our society and our culture are working hard to change the attitude and commitment that we as Judeo-Christians and Catholics hold as fundamental rights enjoyed by the citizens of this country.

During these days before the election, please make every effort as faith‑filled citizens to learn more about these defining issues, to speak out to others, and to vote. We must be aware of what is going on and pray for the conversion of our communities to the fundamental beliefs of our country.

Through the bulletin and parish website, we will try to keep you informed of these issues from the perspective of the Church and to encourage you to persevere in your pursuit of justice, dignity, and peace for all United States citizens.


Father Frazier

You must be registered in order to vote in this fall’s elections, which include races for U.S. House and Senate, along with critical ballot initiatives. The deadline to register to vote in Maryland’s general election is Tuesday, October 16. For more information: Frederick County Board of Elections

Parish Policy on Distribution of Campaign Materials During this election season, our parish will be utilizing materials from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship. Distribution of other election-related materials on church property will not be permitted. Among other activities, posting flyers or signs, passing out campaign literature, and leaving unauthorized materials anywhere in the building or on car windshields, are prohibited. We appreciate your compliance with this policy. (text from USCCB)

Novena for Faithful Citizenship

Prayer is one of the first steps in acting for justice in our world. This novena, rooted in the biblical tradition and the Church’s social teaching, is intended to promote justice and peace in our neighborhoods, our country, and our world. May this novena help to give hope to the poor who suffer from injustices and hope in your life that you may know the peace of Jesus Christ. Click the link above for details of the prayer, from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Information about Maryland Issues: Maryland Catholic Conference

USCCB Religious Liberty page

Faithful Citizenship: The USCCB has teamed up with Franciscan Media to create 30-second and 60-second audio messages featuring Franciscan Father Greg Friedman that explore the major themes of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship and highlight Catholic teaching on important moral issues.You are welcome to download the messages in MP3 format from the USCCB website. There is also a library of video messages on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship featuring the chairs of key USCCB Committees discussing the issues voters will weigh this November, interviews with active faithful citizens and longer video versions of the audio messages mentioned above. All videos have built in links for sharing through E-mail and social media.



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