Extraordinary Ministry and Mass Coordination

hostSaint Joseph’s-on-Carrollton Manor has a very active Mass Coordinator and Extraordinary Ministry. Our Mass Coordinators are Extraordinary Ministers who are in charge of preparing the altar for the liturgy and for overseeing our Masses to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Our EMs distribute the Eucharist at our weekend and weekday Masses, on Holy Days, to those that are home-bound or in nursing homes, and at our local hospital.

Becoming an MC or an EM at St. Joseph’s is a great way to answer God’s call and serve Our Lord and your fellow parishioners. It is also a great way to show the importance of service and ministry to your immediate family. If you’d like to find out more information on being an Extraordinary Minister or a Mass Coordinator at St. Joseph’s, visit our Guidelines and Checklists page here.

Online Enrollment
We make it very easy to enroll in all our ministries through the use of our online enrollment form:

St. Joseph’s Liturgical Ministries Online Enrollment Form

Scheduling Website
We also have an online scheduling system that once enrolled makes it very easy to see your schedule and ask for substitutes:

St. Joe’s Scheduling Web Site

More Information
If you would like to find out more about these ministries and/or are interested in becoming a Mass Coordinator or Extraordinary Minister, please contact our Parish Office.