First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are important times in your child’s life.
In order to prepare for these Sacraments, children must be at least seven years of age and be baptized. They must be registered at either St. Joseph or St. John, have attended a structured Faith Formation program or Catholic school the prior year, and must currently be enrolled in our Faith Formation program or an accredited Catholic School. A child must prepare for Reconciliation prior to preparing for Eucharist.

Children enrolled in Catholic schools must prepare for the sacrament at the parish where they are registered; preparation does not take place at the school.

In preparation for First Reconciliation, children will learn about the Mercy of our Heavenly Father. They’ll learn about the Ten Commandments, what sin is, how to tell the difference between right and wrong, and how to go to Confession to receive God’s forgiveness. Prior to our First Reconciliation service, there is a mandatory retreat.

Preparation for First Eucharist includes learning that the bread and wine truly become Jesus – His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Children will become familiar with the parts of the Mass and learn about the Last Supper. They will receive their First Eucharist at one of the group Masses scheduled at St. Joseph or St. John during the Easter season. Prior to receiving First Eucharist, there is a mandatory retreat.

We are always eager to welcome more people to support each other and our children on their faith journey. If you are interested in sharing your gifts by being a lead catechist, assistant, substitute, helping out with retreats or special projects, please click the link below.

Teaching the Faith: Our Catechists


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