Contact Us

To contact our wonderful staff please call 301.663.0907 and use the extension listed below to reach the appropriate person. You can reach us by e-mail by clicking on the individual’s name or by clicking here to send a message to the parish office.

Rev. Lawrence Frazier, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. John Williamson, Pastor
Rev. Peter Gevera, Associate Pastor
Rev. John Streifel, Associate Pastor
Deacon Scott Anderson, Permanent Deacon
Deacon James Cyr, Permanent Deacon
Deacon Roger Carrier, Permanent Deacon
Deacon Karl Noah, Permanent Deacon
Deacon Michael Lewandowski, Permanent Deacon

Ruth Puls, Executive Director of Mission

TBD Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Sandy Wilks, Coordinator of Ministries Administration
Jennifer Irons, Choir Director
Mike Jones, Liturgy
Liz Parrotte, Senior Executive Associate
Dr. William D. Powell III, Organist
Martina Rangel, Coordinator K through 5 Faith Formation

Mailing Address
5843 Manor Woods Road
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone – 301.663.0907

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