Gift Bearers at Mass

Ordinary Time (Sep15) (55) (800x532)During Mass, there’s a little moment that can often go unnoticed. After the prayers of the faithful, while the collection baskets are passed, is a very meaningful part of the Mass: members of our parish carry the gifts of bread and wine to the priest. These gift bearers represent the entire parish as we return to God a small part of the many blessings that He has given to us.  What a wonderful way to express thanks and joy to God by bearing these gifts!

Many times people bring up the gifts to commemorate a special event (e.g., Baptism of a child), service to the community (e.g., Veterans’ Day), or for a special remembrance (e.g., remembering a loved one who is with the Lord). Two people are needed for each Mass and families are welcome.

What is involved, exactly? Please read more here: Gift Bearers Information 

Interested? Please contact our Parish Office.