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Since 2010 our gift card program has been a simple and effective way to turn everyday shopping that parish families do into fundraising dollars. Parish families who buy the cards shop and use the gift cards instead of cash, checks, or credit cards. For every gift card you order the vendor gives money back to St. Joseph’s.

Our parish buys at a discount the actual retail gift cards (scrip) from Great Lakes Scrip Center. Great Lakes Scrip Center has helped thousands of non-profit organizations like St. Joseph’s. Once we obtain the cards we then resell the cards to our parishioners for full face value. The rebate from these cards (from two to 15 percent or more) is retained by the parish. This is a great way to support our parish!

Initially the funds were dedicated to our new church construction fund. Since the church opened the funds have been dedicated to reducing our mortgage. This has been a very successful program. So far we have averaged about $3,000 per year in mortgage reduction.

On gift card weekends the gift cards are sold after all the Masses. Gift cards may be ordered and there are also gift cards on-hand that you can buy. We accept cash or check only. Payment is due when you place your order.

If you’d like to fill out the gift card order form and bring it with you on gift card order days click here.

Here is the remaining schedule for 2018:

Order and purchase on-hand cards Pick up orders and purchase on-hand cards
February 3-4 February 10-11
March 3-4 March 10-11
April 7-8 April 14-15
May 5-6 May 12-13
June 2-3 June 9-10
August 4-5 August 11-12
September 8-9 September 15-16
October 6-7 October 13-14
November 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 21-22, (No sales/pickup Thanksgiving weekend)
December 1-2, 8-9, 15-16

Have questions? Interested in helping with this ministry? Contact Michel Fiscus at We’d like to offer gift cards sales every weekend and can do that with more volunteers.

Thank you for your support to St. Joseph’s

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