Little Flowers Girls’ Club

Little Flowers Nov15 meeting (1)
WHO: Girls ages 5-10

WHAT: A Catholic club based on the teaching of the virtues through Scripture, lives of the saints, and the Catechism of the Catholic church. Each meeting includes an opening prayer, a talk about a saint/blessed, a virtue, and a flower. There’s an activity or craft, a closing prayer, refreshments, and fellowship. A parent stays during the meeting for camaraderie and to help with the crafts and activities.

WHEN:  4-6pm the first Tuesday of the month, September through May

WHERE:  The group meets in the Parish Center.The girls’ meeting typically begins with prayer, a talk about the saint/blessed, an activity or craft, closing prayer, and refreshments and fellowship. Moms enjoy staying to share each other’s company and sometimes help with the craft or activity.

For those interested in learning more, please email

April 2016 ~ We planted flowers on the parish property and learned about and practiced the virtue of Industry.

planting-flowers-apr16-01 planting-flowers-apr16-02


November 2015 ~ We learned about St Agnes and the virtue we learned about was the love of God. Each month we learn about a flower and how it ties into the Saint and virtue we learn about. November we learned about Peonies. They are very big (like our love for God) and have many different layers which represented the different aspects of love; loving self, neighbor, and God.

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