recessional-2-532x800The mission of St. Joseph’s Liturgical ministries is to enhance our worship experience through the ministry of the Word, the distribution of the Eucharist, the coordination of Sacred Music, and by providing a spiritual environment for the members of our community.

One way each of us can fulfill this mission and make our vision a reality is by serving as a Liturgical Minister. Whether you serve as a member of our choir, Arts and Environment, as an Altar Server, Mass Coordinator, Lector, Greeter, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a Children’s Liturgy of the Word minister, care for our altar linens, or author our Prayers of the Faithful, you serve the Lord as you serve his people.

We are in need of additional ministers in all of these areas. The Liturgy Committee asks that you prayerfully consider this call to service. If you would like to learn more please call Deacon Greg at 301.473.8909, email him at Deacon Greg Rausch , or see him after Mass. Or you can contact our Liturgical Ministries Chairperson Janet Cugini at 301-663-0907×3047 or email her at Janet Cugini .

Our Liturgy Committee meets regularly. For information on the Liturgy Committee or our ministries please contact our Chair Janet Cugini.

St. Joseph's Liturgical ministries (click on title to see description, click again to close):

Click on the titles below to see a description of St. Joseph’s liturgical ministries
> Greeters

Greeters welcome our worshipers and invite them to share in the divine mysteries. Our greeters offer assistance to the congregation during the Offertory and Communion. For more information see: Greeters/Ushers.
> Sacred Music

Our music ministry leads and supports the music of the liturgy: the hymns and other musical pieces that enhance the liturgy for our Church community. For more information see: Sacred Music.
> Mass Coordination

The Mass Coordinator prepares our worship space for the celebration of the Mass and is responsible for the overall direction of the Mass. For more information see: Extraordinary Ministry and Mass Coordination.
> Extraordinary Ministry

The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion distributes the Eucharist at Mass and brings Communion to the sick and homebound. For more information see:  Extraordinary Ministry and Mass Coordination.
> Lectors

Lectors proclaim God’s Word to our liturgical community by sharing the inspired Word of God. For more information see: Lectors.
> Altar Servers

Both our adult and youth Altar Servers assist the Priest and the Deacon in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and serve at weddings, funerals, and other liturgical celebrations. For more information see: Altar Servers.
> Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

CLOW ministers bring the Word of God to the children of our parish community during our weekend Masses. For more information see: Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
> General Intercessions

Our General Intercession authors are St. Joseph parishioners who write the Prayers of the Faithful that are read during the Mass. For more information contact: Janet Cugini.
> Arts and Environment

Our Arts and Environment Committee enhances our worship space using banners, flowers, living plants and liturgical vesture for all our liturgical seasons. For more information contact: Janet Cugini.
> Altar Linens

Our Altar Linen ministry is responsible for laundering and repairing our altar linens that are used during the Mass. For more information see: Altar Linens

St. Joseph’s Web-Based Enrollment and Scheduling System

We have automated our enrollment and scheduling system! With our web-based scheduling system, automated emails are sent to all those who serve reminding them of their schedule. Also it is easy to arrange for substitutes with just one click!

To enroll as a Mass Coordinator, Extraordinary Minister, Greeter Lector, or Altar Server or to access our web-based scheduling system click on the following link:

St. Joseph’s Web-based Enrollment and Scheduling System

If you have any questions about our scheduling system please contact: Janet Cugini.



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