Greeting is the first ministry our worshiping community interacts with. Greeters welcome our worshipers and invite them to share in the Divine Mysteries. The greeters’ presence, service, and actions speak of their genuine desire to welcome all to our parish community.


        • Welcome, host and create an atmosphere conducive to the act of worship.
        • Assist parishioners as they enter our worship space.
        • Assist worshipers to their seats if they need assistance or if they arrive after Mass has begun.
        • Assist the Mass Coordinator in creating a Mass count of the worshipers.
        • Collect the monetary offerings of the community.
        • Assist the congregation during Holy Communion
        • Assist worshipers that need additional attention, if necessary.
        • Distribute the church bulletins as the assembly leaves the Church
        • Arrange hymnals and check pews after the congregation leaves the Church
        • Adults must be a fully-initiated member of St. Joseph who have completed the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation, and has had STAND training.
        • Children can be greeters at St. Joseph’s! This a wonderful way for youth and/or their families to minister at St. Joseph’s. Youth should be baptized and have received First Eucharist.


        • Able to SMILE, welcome, host, and create an atmosphere conducive to the act of worship.
        • Ability to exchange greetings with persons you do not know and encourage conversations among groups of people.
        • Be watchful of the needs of others, for the unfamiliar face or someone who just needs someone to say Hello!


To enroll as a greeter at St. Joseph’s click on the following:

St. Joseph’s Liturgical Ministry Enrollment Page.

For more information on this ministry please contact our Liturgical Ministries Chair Mike Jones or the Parish Office.

child-policy-logoThe Archdiocese of Baltimore and St. Joseph-on-Carrollton Manor is committed to providing everyone, especially our children and youth, with a safe and healthy environment. Learn more on our Child and Youth Protection page.

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