8:00 AM New Mass Time Starts September 10th!

How it all began:
Through the years, parents have requested that we offer Faith Formation classes on Sunday Mornings. So last year in the spring we begin looking at the question in earnest. Faith Formation is one of the pillars of our community and one of the most important aspects of our mission. So we knew it was something worth addressing. First, the staff discussed the possibilities and challenges. If we were going to offer Faith Formation on a Sunday morning we would have to solve a serious space issue. With offering Holy Grounds and with only a short time period between Masses, we knew we would need to change Mass times to make it work.

Getting your input:
We knew that if we were to make a change, we needed to be sure our parish community was on board. So we did a survey. Of all the surveys we have conducted, this survey had the most significant response with over 200 individuals giving us their thoughts. We reported the results last year in July. But to jog your memory, here is a summary of the results once again….

What you said:
First, 72% of parents told us offering Faith Formation classes on Sundays would be ideal; they could come to Mass as a family and their children could participate in Faith Formation classes. Then we also asked parishioners a simple question: Would you support changing our Sunday Mass times to accommodate Faith Formation classes on Sunday?

  • 76% of parishioners are in favor of or at least willing to adjust to a time change for Mass.
  • 19% of parishioners would prefer another solution.
  • 5% of parishioners are absolutely against a change

Why didn’t we make the change last fall?
We determined that since the change in Mass times not only impacts the many parishioners who worship at St. Joseph’s but also the many Ministers who give countless hours setting up and closing down the Church for Mass and Holy Grounds, we wanted to wait to accommodate their needs as much as possible. So we announced we would make the change this coming fall.

What are the changes and when will they occur?
Since a majority of people who responded support a change in Sunday Mass times for the benefit of forming our parish children in the faith, we are ready to make a change:

  • The 10:30 Mass will not change at this time.
  • The 8:30 AM Mass will change to 8 AM, and Faith Formation will be offered from 9:15 to 10:15. Holy Grounds will continue following both Masses.

The Mass time change will occur the weekend following Labor Day, on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of Faith Formation for our families.

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