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o 7/8/2021 Summer!
o 7/16/2021 The Mass
o 7/22/2021 Community
o 7/29/2021 The Scriptures

o 8/5/2021 Daily Prayer
o 8/12/2021 The Rosary
o 8/19/2021 Praise as Prayer
o 8/26/2021 God's Gifts

o 9/2/2021: Honesty in Prayer
o 9/9/2021: Surety in Faith
o 9/16/2021: Questioning our Faith
o 9/23/2021: A Biblical Mass
o 9/30/2021: All We Need for Faith

o 10/07/2021: What Faith Means
o 10/14/2021: Making Judgments
o 10/21/2021: Patience
o 10/28/2021: Forgiveness

o 11/4/2021 Saints
o 11/11/2021 Remembering Our Loved Ones
o 11/18/2021 Answering Our Prayers
o 11/25/2021 Gratitude

o 12/2/2021 Longing
o 12/9/2021 Prepare
o 12/16/2021 Joy
o 12/23/2021 Celebrate
o 12/30/2021 God in the Ordinary

o 1/6/2022 God's Manifestation
o 1/13/2022 Our Baptism
o 1/20/2022 Gift of Wisdom
o 1/27/2022 Gift of Understanding

o 2/3/2022 Gift of Council
o 2/10/2022 Gift of Fortitude
o 2/17/2022 Gift of Knowledge
o 2/24/2022 Gifts of Piety and Fear of the Lord

o 3/3/2022 Following God's Will
o 3/10/2022 Listening to God's Word
o 3/17/2022 The Fruit of God's Kingdom
o 3/24/2022 The Radical Forgiveness of Jesus
o 3/31/2022 Message of Mercy

o 4/7/2022 Make Holy Week Holy
o 4/14/2022 Triduum
o 4/21/2022 Celebrating the Easter Season
o 4/28/2022 Divine Mercy

o 5/5/2022 Trusting in God
o 5/12/2022 Call to Holiness
o 5/19/2022 Mary as Our Mother
o 5/26/2022 Mary Leads Us to Christ

o 6/9/2022 Appreciate God's Gifts
o 6/16/2022 Quiet Time with God
o 6/23/2022 The Beauty Around Us
o 6/30/2022 Faith

o 7/7/2022 Wrestling with Our Faith
o 7/14/2022 Hope For the Storms of Life
o 7/21/2022 Hope Life Preservers
o 7/28/2022 Christian Understanding of Love

o 8/4/2022 Practicing Love
o 8/11/2022 Suffering
o 8/18/2022 Offering Our Suffering
o 8/25/2022 The Narrow Gate of Heaven

o 9/15/2022 The Power of the Cross
o 9/12/2022 Types of Prayer
o 9/29/2022 Wearing Blinders

o 10/6/2022 Unanswered Prayers
o 10/13/2022 St. Therese of Lisieux
o 10/20/2022 Christlike St. Francis of Assisi
o 10/27/2022 The Power of the Rosary

o 11/3/2022 Called to be a Saint
o 11/10/2022 Praying for the Dead
o 11/17/2022 Why Should We Go to Mass?
o 11/23/2022 Preparing for Advent

o 12/1/2022 Spiritual Housecleaning
o 12/8/2022 Making Room for Christ

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