Pray for our Confirmandi

On Friday, May 14th, Bishop Bruce Lewandowski, auxiliary bishop of Baltimore confirmed the young people of our parish who had prepared for this for over a year. The bishop challenged our young people in three areas. Our prayer is that they take up the challenge.

The first was that they remember the date of their Confirmation and celebrate it next year. He offered a brief examination of conscience for that day. Each of our candidates is to ask how they are using God’s gifts…am I using God’s gifts? How can I do better? These are questions that we can all ask.

The second area was “Don’t stop serving.” Confirmation candidates often participate in service as part of their preparation. The bishop encouraged them to keep serving and to offer service to the Church. We are in great need of their gifts.

The third area of challenge was when the Bishop admitted he was begging the candidates. He begged them not to do anything in life that would keep them from the Lord’s table, keep them away from Communion. Our faith is nurtured by the Eucharist.

He told us that God loves us so much, and begged us to make Jesus the love of our life.

What a wonderful challenge and what a great Confirmation!

Prayer for the Confirmandi

Holy Spirit, strengthen our Condirmandi
with your gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel,
fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.
As a disciple of Christ, fill them with the joy of your presence.
Increase in them the fruit of your Spirit.
Help them to experience and trust your dwelling within,
so that they may count on your guidance
today and every day.
Show us the way to help one another
become better disciples of Jesus Christ,
sharing your love with our world
and with each person we encounter. Amen


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