Rosary Prayer Meditation

Dear Parish Family,

September 11, 2018, marks the 17th year since the attacks on our nation which resulted in a loss of life and destruction that will always leave a sadness for those who lived through this and especially for the many families of those who perished on this dark day in our history.

“We will never forget” is one of the many sayings written on bumper stickers for years after, but have we forgotten? Or have we simply got on with our busy lives and rarely think about it?

The Vincent Capodanno Assembly 3162 is sponsoring a
Rosary Prayer Meditation

September 10th starting at 7:00 pm

Saint Joseph-on-Carrollton Manor
5843 Manor Woods Rd Frederick Md. 21703

Come and join us in a half hour devotion to Mother Mary, the Patroness of our Nation, for peace and unity in our world and to remember all our brothers and sisters who lost their lives on this day. We will remember our first responders, our heroes who gave their lives so others could live, as well as our military service personnel who continue to serve for our defense and freedom and their families who sacrifice while these brave patriots serve.

Peace of Christ be with you all,

Steve Scoppa
Faithful Navigator

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