St. Joseph Fifth Anniversary Celebration

Here are some pictures that were taken by parishioner Mike Collins.

If you’d like to watch our 5th year anniversary Mass on our YouTube channel click here. To watch Archbishop Lori’s homily, start at minute 23:33.

About the Saints

We are blessed to have relics of four saints in our altar. Relics have been placed in altars from the early times of our Church as a way of venerating the saints who intercede on our behalf. As Archbishop Lori stated in his homily to us, saints “dwell with us and pray with us … They accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage … Relics are a visible reminder of a deeply consoling spiritual reality.” To find out more about our Catholic relic tradition click here.

Here is a short summary of the saints whose relics are in our altar:

  • St. Stanislaus Kostka: St. Stanislaus was a Polish Jesuit who died in the 16th century. He is the patron saint of those entering the priesthood. To find out more about St. Stanislaus Kostka click here.
  • St. John Berchmans: St. John Berchmans was a Belgian Jesuit who lived in the 17th century. He is the patron saint of altar servers. Each year at St. Joseph’s, we honor our altar server around St. John Berchmans’ feast day. To find out more about St. John Berchmans click here.
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first American saint. She was known for her dedication to Catholic education and founded the Daughters of Charity in nearby Emmitsburg. To find out more about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton click here.
  • St. John Paul II: as Archbishop Lori stated, St. John Paul II was a “modern-day apostle.” St. John Paul the II visited Baltimore in 1995 and also visited other areas of the United States. He was born in Poland and served as Pope from 1978 to 2005. To find out more about St. John Paul II click here.


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